The Bitcoin Motion trading platform

Bitcoin Motion is a crypto trading bot with claims of generated earnings of €1300 per day with an alleged success ratio of 88%. Such claims beg the question: is it a scam or not? What do the Bitcoin Motion reviews say?

Many people claim that this software is a royal road to riches. However, other people do not hide their scepticism about this automated trading software.

We have thoroughly analyzed and evaluated the Bitcoin Motion system. And we will present our opinion in this article. Read this Bitcoin Motion review to find out if it is a reliable site or not.

Bitcoin Motion review: Is it reliable?

Bitcoin Motion Review: Reliable Site or Not? The developers of the Bitcoin Motion platform are adamant that this crypto trading robot guarantees alleged profits of up to €1300 per day and is the ideal choice to counteract unwanted investment losses.

Reading such claims, it’s only natural that it could create some controversy within the trading community. While some are optimistic about the huge gains generated by the software, others see it as a standard online scam.

We have not been able to prove that the alleged earnings are real. But the results of our investigation show that this platform is endorsed by brokers regulated by financial authorities. It also has a range of fascinating features.

If you want to invest with Bitcoin Motion, beware of the risks associated with trading. The market price of the trade is very volatile.

What is Bitcoin Motion?

Created by Mr. Steve McKay, Bitcoin Motion is an automated Bitcoin trading software that offers better investment opportunities to thousands of traders. With its automated system, the Bitcoin robot trades on your behalf, just like robots like Bitcoin Trader or Bitcoin Code.

Bitcoin Motion Review: Reliable Site or Not?
The Bitcoin Motion trading platform is convenient for both novice and experienced traders. In fact, the robot provides you with easy to use trading tools. You will be able to buy Bitcoin with ease.

How does the Bitcoin Motion software work?
Bitcoin Motion works normally like other crypto trading software such as Bitcoin Evolution, Bitcoin Trader or Bitcoin Era. This software apparently uses a very powerful algorithm that can make thousands of trades in a minute. According to Bitcoin Motion, this programming technology can digitize megadata about the crypto market.

To trade with this program, you need to fund your Loophole account with €250. From then on, your funds are transferred to a regulated broker who will invest your funds. According to Bitcoin Motion, if you activate the trading-auto function, a broker will buy the cryptos cheaply and sell them when the price rises.

However, we suggest you invest with caution as the risk of loss is real in trading. Don’t invest more than €250 to start.

Bitcoin Motion: how do I sign up?

Registering with the Bitcoin Motion online trading site is completely free. In this section we will go through the process of opening an account and activating automatic trading step by step.

Step 1: Register with Bitcoin Motion
Step 2: Practice with Bitcoin Trading Demo
Step 3: Deposit funds (minimum €250)
Step 4: Start trading