Breaking Free: How Bitcoin Fixes Our Coercive Fiat System

• Tim Niemeyer is a teacher by day and a Bitcoiner by night. He enjoys sharing his passions with others in both roles.
• Tim has noticed the emergence of helicopter parenting in recent decades, which he believes is a result of living in an inflationary fiat monetary system.
• He discusses how this type of parenting leads to high-time preference decisions and how Bitcoin can provide systemic change that isn’t tied to red or blue politics.

The Effects of Fiat Money on Parenting

I’m Tim Niemeyer, co-host of the Lincolnland Bitcoin Meetup and an elementary school teacher. I love both my jobs as they allow me to share my passions: music and Bitcoin. Despite keeping church and state separate, being able to experience each simultaneously has helped me develop a greater understanding for each one. This has also given me insight into how our coercive fiat monetary system incentivizes less-than-optimal decision making and substandard relational habits – as well as how Bitcoin can help fix these issues.

What is Helicopter Parenting?

Helicopter parenting refers to parents who fight their child’s battles, do their schoolwork, coach their coaches, keep their kids on a short leash, act like maids in their own house, play it too safe or can’t let their kids fail (according WebMD). I believe this stems from people being able to impose morals onto money when it’s controlled by those in power with different agendas than the people using it. Unfortunately, many don’t see the benefits sound money provides that isn’t subject to other opinions or political views; they’re stuck within the confines of our current system that steals time through inflation.

High Time Preference Decisions

When individuals are subject to an inflationary system such as ours, they’re forced into making high time preference decisions: doing what needs done now versus planning for long-term security/growth later on down the road. With this comes helicopter parenting – parents feel compelled to take matters into their own hands because they know if they don’t do it now then it won’t get done later due to lack of resources caused by inflation eating away at buying power over time.

Bitcoin Fixes Systemic Problems

Bitcoin provides an answer for those limited by oppressive government policies meant to control citizens via currency manipulation… It offers sound money where each individual can be responsible for their own affairs without interference from bureaucrats who have no skin in the game but still have incentives (usually financial) behind them pushing certain outcomes from said monetary policy decisions despite not knowing every single person who will be affected by them personally or having any idea about what will work best for them specifically – something impossible for anyone but themselves due to sheer numbers alone! Plus, with its digital nature comes ease of transferability that transcends geography so anyone worldwide can participate regardless if there are legal restrictions hampering access otherwise (eg: China). Furthermore, since there is no central authority controlling issuance rates or manipulating prices artificially – users all benefit equally instead of some entities profiting while others suffer losses due to changes made solely based on personal motives rather than collective interests!


                                                                             Ultimately, I think we need more expansive conversations around understanding why certain behaviors exist within our societies today – especially regarding parenting styles – and exploring potential solutions outside conventional wisdom like sound money systems such as Bitcoin! It’s easy enough for us all become aware of these issues yet still difficult facing up against entrenched interests whose job revolves around maintaining status quo…but hopefully future generations will be better off due