Explore the Future of Bitcoin: Join the Philippine Crypto Retreat!


Payments processor Pouch.ph and exchange Coins.ph have announced a partnership to host the Philippines’ first-ever Bitcoin Island Retreat in Boracay from March 27-29 2023. The event will bring together bitcoin enthusiasts, thought leaders, investors and developers from around the world to network and discuss the future of cryptocurrency.


Notable speakers at the retreat include Jack Lee (founder of HCM Capital), Augustus Ilag (Sequoia Capital’s Southeast Asia crypto practice lead) and Jiro Reyes (founder of Bitskwela).

Bounty Challenge

Attendees will also be able to participate in a bounty challenge where they can win bitcoin by finding the 12-word seed phrase for a private key owned by Dread Pirate Nakamoto, which is hidden around the island.

Sign Up

Interested parties can sign up for the Bitcoin Island Retreat on https://pouch.ph/retreatrsvp.


The Bitcoin Island Retreat is an opportunity for members of the Philippine crypto community to come together and explore new possibilities with blockchain technology. It is expected to be remembered as a landmark event that will shape how we view cryptocurrencies in years to come.