Nostr Protocol Goes Live on App Store – Jack Dorsey Celebrates Milestone

• Nostr is a decentralized social networking protocol that has officially gone live on Apple’s App Store.
• The protocol hit its beta testing limit of 10,000 users due to former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s enthusiasm for the technology and subsequent donation.
• Nostr is an open, censorship-resistant and permissionless communications protocol that allows users to communicate privately by encrypting messages with each other’s public keys.

Nostr Officially Launched on Apple’s App Store

Nostr, a decentralized social networking protocol, is now officially live on Apple’s app store after spiking in popularity when former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey became an enthusiast of the technology, donating 14 bitcoin to its creator. This caused the most popular mobile app for the protocol, Damus, to reach its beta testing limit of 10,000 users leading to its developers applying for a formal listing on Apple’s app store. After approval from Apple, Damus is now available for download on the App Store for anyone who wants it.

How Does Nostr Work?

At its core, Nostr works by allowing users to create an account through generating a key pair –– one public and one private key –– through a client application. The public key serves as their “ID” while their private key becomes akin to their password. Users can broadcast messages onto the platform by connecting with a relay and signing off with their private key. When messaging another user specifically through this system they can refer to them using their public key while also encrypting their message with that user’s public key so that only they have access to it (using asymmetric cryptography).

Similarities Between Bitcoin & Nostr

Nostr has some similarities to Bitcoin in how it operates; such as using asymmetric cryptography where Bitcoin transactions ensure only rightful recipients can decrypt funds sent (also known as spending them in future transactions). While Bitcoin has evolved from the simple send-to-public-key dynamic used by Nostr since BTC’s conception 14 years ago it still remains at the core of how both technologies function similarly yet differently.

The Significance Of The Launch Of Damus On The App Store

Nostr still remains a niche project given it is very much in its infancy but today marks a milestone given that having been listed on the App Store more people than ever before can gain access to this technology which offers open, censorship-resistant and permissionless communication protocols between users all over the world securely and privately. Dorsey commented on this news via Twitter saying the launch was “a milestone for open protocols” emphasizing his support for this new development which could potentially revolutionize how we communicate online forever if adopted globally like Bitcoin already has begun doing over time since its invention in 2009/2010* (*depending when you count it as being born).


In conclusion we see that today marks an important day not just for digital communication but blockchain technology as well given these two are intertwined in many ways including what Technically Legal calls “the core of [the] idea” which lies at the foundations of both platforms functioning similarly yet differently from one another depending on what exactly you are trying use each respective platform or cryptocurrency network for at any given time. Now thanks to Apple’s App Store listing more people than ever before can gain access to this potentially revolutionary technology so let us wait and see how far Nostrs reaches into our lives going forward!